jeudi 8 mars 2012

Tous mes Liens Megaupload(R.I.P) en mediafire et quelques autres qui étaient morts.:

Absonant cadence - inside out-life Cd 1999:Download
Duchesse says -Anthiology des 3 perchoirs- Cd 2008:Download
Rupture -Sex, drugs and rupture- Cd 1995:Download
Ludwig von 88 -Houla la 2 la mission- L.p.1987 (Re-issued ) Cd 2001:Download
Zach Hill & Mick Barr -Shred earthship- Cd 2006:Download
Exit 13 -High life- (Best of...Compil.) 2X Cd 2007:
Cd 01: DownloadCd 02: Download
Funebre -Children of the scorn- Cd 1992 (Re-issued with demo) Cd 2004:Download
T.S.P.C. -Ego- Cd 1995:Download
Burzum -Belus- 2X L.p.2010:Download
Excrementory grindfucker -Bitte nicht vor den gaesten de- Cd 2007:Download
The expectorated sequence:
1) -The red album- Demo Cd-r 2004: Download
2) -Over the top- Cd 2004: Download
3) -Hairbomb- Cd 2005: Download
4) -The prolonged disaster- Cd 2011: Download
Judas iscariot -Harrison bergeron bound- Cd 1997:Download
Trop feross -Resurrection- Mini L.p.1986:Download
Satanaiz -DIY- 2000Download
Vulgar Pigeons -Summary executuion- Cd 2001:Download
Damaged -Token remedies research- Cd 1997:Download
Engorged -Death metal attack 2- Cd 1999: Download
VA -Tribute to carcass:requiems of revulsion- Cd 2001:Download
Disrupt -Unrest- Cd 1994:Download
Portal -Outre- Cd 2007:Download
Rorschach -Autopsy- (Discography 1989-1993) Cd 1995:Download
Teen cthulhu -Ride the blade- Cd 2002:Download
Born against -Nine patriotic hymns for children- Cd 1991:Download
Bigwig -Reclamation- Cd 2006:Download
Damage deposit -No damage- 7 e.p.2003:Download
Deformity -Murder with sin- Cd 1999:Download
Barrit -smiles upon the stroke that murders me- Cd 1999Download

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